The most comprehensive of our yacht inspection service

From Small Sail Boats to Super Yachts…

The Pre-Purchase Survey includes:  An out of water inspection of the running gear and a sounding of the hull is carried out including moisture level measurements and ultrasound (UTM) where appropriate. Inspection and operation of all equipment and systems; Electrical, Navigation, Spars & Rigging, Propulsion Systems, Fuel Systems, and all Machinery & Electronics. The quality of interior fixtures and fittings and the standard of fit out is assessed. Most Pre-Purchase surveys include Sea Trials and Oil Samples can be taken from the main engines, generators, and gearboxes for laboratory testing.

In the event that a major defect is discovered, immediate client contact is made. A certificate of valuation based on the current market conditions can also be provided.

Our flexible approach and skilled support team are able to co-ordinate even the largest projects; all large yacht surveys are assisted with a minium of 2 – 4 surveyors expediting the whole survey schedule. Where required our interior consultant will complete a full inventory of the vessel. Our office can organise all elements; haul outs, engine techs, divers, hull thickness gauging and even crew for sea trials if required.  Clients receive a fully comprehensive report within 48hrs of survey completion and an interim report can be provided daily.

We pride ourselves on our competitive pricing structure and provide a detailed quotation within the same working day, often within the hour…