Owner's Claim Services

Have an Independent Surveyor act on your behalf

Independent Surveyors – Assitance with Owner’s Claims

It is the owner’s responsibility to demonstrate the loss to the insurance company and their surveyor and to claim for all amounts according to the policy.

Our surveyor will assist the owner in the claims process by advising on the notification of a claim, interpreting the policy details, collecting evidence, and helping to demonstrate the loss to the insurance company and their surveyor, as well as assisting in gathering repair estimates.

Should the yacht proceed to repairs of claimable damage the owner may wish to make repairs that restore the yacht to a better condition than before the incident, or which change the original design; this is called betterment. The owner may also wish to perform unrelated works since the yacht is at a repair yard; we can assist and advise on all aspects of projected works, including estimates and quality control.

Your insurance policy may include some of the following:

  • Hull and machinery damage including fire
  • Wreck removal
  • Third-party damage to another vessel or property
  • Third-party damage from an uninsured vessel
  • Loss of personal goods
  • Medical assistance
  • Race coverage